Festivalul de literatură montană Banff

În 2012, câştigătorul premiul “Cea mai bună carte” al Festivalului de Literatură Montană de la Banff (Canada) este cartea “Fiva” de Gordon Stainforth.

Mai jos, câteva detalii despre carte şi autor, în lb. engleză.

“Writer, photographer, film editor and philosopher GORDON STAINFORTH talk about his new book, ‘Fiva: An Adventure That Went Wrong’, which tells the epic true story of a near-death experience on a mountain in Norway in 1969.

Fiva (pronounced ‘Fever’) is Gordon’s first foray into literature and is receiving rave reviews from readers on Amazon as well as from top-class mountaineers and has just been short-listed for the prestigious 2012 Boardman-Tasker Prize – the Man-Booker of the mountaineering world.

Joe Simpson, best-selling author of ‘Touching the Void’ said: “Wonderful, nostalgic, gripping, classic epic yarn with great humour deserves to win many many awards – read it :)”

Stephen Venables, author of ‘Higher than the Eagle Soars’ said: “[Fiva is] the most intelligent disaster story to appear for years…At last – an exciting, intelligent, humorous disaster story by someone who can write English. The late sixties period detail is lovely. So, too, is the nail-biting denouement. And, actually, it isn’t really a disaster story at all: it’s all about using courage, initiative, comradeship and a large dollop of luck to escape from a nasty situation.”

Sursa: banffcentre.ca


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